“I contacted Pailin over 5 years ago when my son, 3 ½, was diagnosed with chronic allergies and anaphylaxis to a number of triggers. It was a very unsettling time. I believe the homeopathy has assisted my son, along side the specialist allergy team to manage his symptoms to the very best. He has developed into a very athletic lad able to compete in long distance running and participate in his love of water sports both swimming and surfing in extreme weather. I really do not believe this would have been possible without the homeopathy that we received from Pailin. I have seen first hand how a particular remedy can ease a symptom. I do remember feeling shocked at it’s power when I had failed to ease an especially aggressive round of tongue ulcers – which required staying up all night trying to hold an ice block to my son’s agonisingly sore tongue. I called Pailin and as soon as I gave him the remedy he began to improve.

I believe children respond quite a bit ‘faster’ to the work and it can take patience to see a clear path with adults but it is really worth it. I also ‘work’ with Pailin and her homeopathic treatment has helped me through whooping cough and the loss of two family members during a very hectic phase working at my hardest. She has been my lifeline at times. It has helped me regulate difficult period symptoms, irregular sleep and weight gain. I feel very balanced and steady and I feel sure this is due to my on going treatment/work with Pailin. I have to say that on a personal note she is super professional, super kind and supportive. I am so grateful that I have been able to seek treatment from her, it sounds corny but I do think she has changed both my child’s life and mine.” E. S. UK

"Both myself and my 5 year old son have been treated for over a year now. I have found the experience amazingly supportive and informative. For us homeopathy has worked where conventional medicine never has. We have been both helped immensely with both medical and emotional issues. Our whole family are complete Homeopathic converts and we don’t go anywhere without our trusty Homeopathic Remedy kit!"  A.B. UK