• gentle detoxification of the body's tissues.

  • homeopathic organ support to restore healthy liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas and stomach function.

  • healing and sealing of the tissues of the gut lining.

  • effective treatment of potential candida overgrowth.

  • homeopathic treatment for the family inherited predisposition to a weakened gastrointestinal system - the underlying cause.

  • uncomplicated nutritional advice suited to your constitution.

  • the safe tapering off of any medications you may be taking.

  • ongoing support between appointments to work through acute flare-ups.

  • our treatment is non-toxic and safe for all ages.

  • our treatment can be used alongside any conventional medications you may need to take and will not interfere with their action.

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  • improvement of your symptoms will usually occur within 3-4 months however this depends on the length of time you have experienced symptoms, the severity and the amount of pharmaceutical medications used.

  • for most individual's we recommend approximately 6 appointments over a 12 month period, even with improved symptoms. This amount of time ensures that your gastrointestinal tract has healed.


"I was recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and suffered with anxiety as a result of my symptoms. As conventional medicine offers no cure for the disease I chose to have homeopathic treatment. After 6 months of treatment I have experienced a profound improvement in both my physical and mental health. I am so grateful for the care and attention I have received." H.K.B. London UK
"I had helibactor pylori and had been treated with antibiotics which made me feel really ill. When i had it a second time I couldn't bring myself to go through the antibiotics again and decided to try homeopathy first. The results have been really quick - my doctor was surprised too!" M. S. UK
"I have lived with Crohn's Disease for the last 26 years and have up until last year received all the standard medical treatments. I decided to look into alternatives and came across some positive research that captured my interest in homeopathy. The symptoms I have been living with for so many years have improved while some of them have actually gone. Overall my quality of life has increased. I understand that it is a process but for the first time I feel optimistic." T.N.  London