WITH AN ESTIMATED 70% OF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM LOCATED THROUGHOUT THE DIGESTIVE TRACT THE PHYSIOLOGY of the GUT is TRULY ASTONISHING. its integrity, functionality and ability to regenerate is entirely dependent on THE vast ecosystem of PRO bacteria, fungi, viruses and protozoans IT HOUSES. WHEN THIS ECOSYSTEM IS COMPROMISED the gut LINING BECOMES EXPOSED AND PRONE TO damage, the impact of which is felt throughout the body.

Hippocrates said that "ALL DISEASE BEGINS IN THE GUT" and yet it is only in recent years that his words have gained traction in the mainstream media. the gut is once again in the conversation, now not only for conditions such as IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (ibs), CANDIDA OVERGROWTH, CROHN'S and ULCERATIVE COLITIS but spanning across all chronic disease including mental health illnesses.

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