• HDT is a comprehensive homeopathic treatment approach that aims to detoxify, balance and restore health at a deep cellular level.

  • our body’s are designed to discharge toxicity through a series of eliminative pathways however with ever increasing levels of drugs, heavy metals, food additives and radiation, our system’s become easily overwhelmed as toxicity accumulates.

  • toxicity both historic and recent, not only weakens the system which leads to ill health - it is one of the key factors that can block healing altogether.

  • HDT can clear these blockages by stimulating the body in to utilising existing eliminative pathways for safe and effective detoxification.

  • HDT incorporates isopathy, a therapeutic approach in which the offending drug, chemical, heavy metal or food substance is prescribed back to the individual in homeopathic potency.

  • Homeopathic medicines are made through a process of succussion and dilution, a technique that transforms the toxicity of a substance in to a medicine that can heal. All medical and recreational drugs, chemicals, metals and even the common food substances - are transformed through the homeopathic process in to a medicine that can detoxify the original offending substance from the body’s cells.


"I've been a patient of Pailin's for over three years, often with surprising results. Most recently and over the course of about four months, I developed a constant pain in my right shoulder that seemed very similar in nature to the pain experienced in my left shoulder a year previous due to a haematoma from antibiotic injections. Over the four months I tried everything - yoga, tests with my GP and even physio - none of which provided any answers or helped ease the pain. In less than two weeks of a combination craniosacral and targeted homepathic treatment by Pailin, the pain completely disappeared, never to return." M.H. London UK


  • HDT is relevant not only for those who can directly correlate their current condition to a toxin, but for those people who have been unable to determine why they are unwell, will not heal or are unresponsive to treatment.

  • some of the most common detoxes include:
    - Corticosteroids
    - Hormonal drugs: IVF, HRT, the Pill, the Morning After Pill etc.
    - General Anaesthetics & Local Anaesthetics
    - Antidepressants
    - Painkillers
    - Dental Amalgam
    - Plastic Softeners
    - Epidural
    - Statins
    - Antifungal creams

  • HDT isopathic prescribing works alongside homeopathic constitutional and organ supportive medicines, nutritional supplementation and dietary considerations when appropriate.

how can hdt help?

  • HDT is an excellent therapy where:
    - an individual has never been well since a medication, vaccine, IVF, x rays, dental work or surgery.
    - recent or historical medications that include general anaesthesia, the pill and recreational drugs.
    - there is a lack of response to treatment (conventional or holistic) including in those who lead healthy lifestyles.
    - people with weak immune systems where there are recurrent infections and illness.
    - digestive system conditions spanning from IBS to ulcers, hyperacidity to Crohn’s.
    - a susceptibility to dental cavities even in those with healthy diets and a high standard of dental hygiene.
    - people with unspecified conditions and idiopathic presentations ie. numbness, general and localised pain, poor energy, brain fog, anxiety, itching, skin affectations and digestive symptoms.


  • homeopathy is safe and effective for all ages from babies to the elderly.


  • the length of treatment differs per individual case and will include factors such as the severity of the presenting condition, the length of time you have experienced it and your medical history. A proposed time frame will be discussed with you at your first appointment.

  • improvement and changes to your symptoms will usually occur within the first 3 appointments however this depends on the length of time you have experienced symptoms, the severity and the amount of pharmaceutical medications needing to be detoxed. Every person will respond differently to treatment so it is a matter of following the system and resolving “blocks” that are encountered until a healing response is engaged.

  • appointments are generally recommended at 6-8 week intervals.

  • for most individual's we recommend approximately 6 appointments over a 12 month period however again this depends on each persons case.


  • a homeopathic “remedy” is essentially an electrical signal that the body receives via the central nervous system. This energetic stimulation is like the key being turned to start the engine - it is the initial ignition that activates the motor to run - the body’s own healing mechanism.

  • Homeopathy will only ever create a healing response and as such does not come with any side-effects.

  • This healing response may result in a series of symptoms as the eliminative process is engaged, often resulting in an increase in discharges such as mucous, perspiration and even emotions.



Appointment’s are held on location in HACKNEY in London and ONLINE via ZOOM, Facetime, Whatsapp.

  • First Appointment ADULT - £80 / $111 US Dollars
    Follow-up Appointment ADULT - £60 / $87 US Dollars

  • First Appointment BABY/CHILD - £70 / $99 US Dollars
    Follow-up Appointment ADULT - £60 / $75 US Dollars


  • HDT prescriptions are additional, costs depending on which medicines are required.

  • Occasionally homeopathic medicines are needed from specialist pharmacies in Holland and Belgium. Should this be something you require the costs will be detailed prior to any purchasing.

  • Post within the UK is included however international postage is additional.