there has been an expectation on men to ignore pain and suffer in silence lest it should cast their virility in to question, in stark contrast to the well documented profile of Women’s health. thankfully, times are changing with an ever increasing number of men making proactive health choices that avoid the impact of catch-up post catastrophic burn-out.

men are of course integral to the healthy family dynamic, after all "The way you heal the world is to start with your own family".

"Thanks so much to Nikki at Form and Hael Homeopathy. I had an online appointment with Nikki as I had developed heart arrhythmia at the same time that I was finalising my divorce. Despite my belief that this was a family condition that would require surgery I was astonished when normal rhythm was restored and at the same time I began to feel much less anxious about the divorce process. I’ve returned to Nikki to treat a longstanding case of tinnitus and I hope for a similar positive resolution." S.L.V.  London

Homeopathic treatment is effective for male specific physical problems such as prostate health with powerful therapeutic action on the male hormonal, circulatory and nervous systems.

It is estimated that 1 in 8 men in the UK have experienced a mental health problem with 3 out of every 4 suicides being committed by men. grief, anxiety and depression are expressed differently to women, the tendency for men being to resort to physical expressions of their emotions while being less likely to share their feelings. what makes homeopathy a unique therapy for men is that the treatment process is noninvasive. even a limited number of presenting physical symptoms are often enough to understand the total wellbeing of the person, and instructive as to which body systems are in need of regulation, repair and revitalisation.

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