"I came to homeopathy two years after I'd started seeing an osteopath for a mystery back/neck/shoulder problem. I was getting frustrated at the two steps forward, one or two steps back pattern of my 'recovery', and was ready to explore something else. I was given an understanding of how homeopathy and osteopathy can work together and decided to give it a try. 

The interesting thing over the years has been that the focus hasn't solely been on treating my neck; it truly has been a holistic approach, from balancing out my moods and mental health at times of stress and dealing with food poisoning through to addressing the constant sore throats I used to get (my throat was my achilles heal since I was a baby - it still seems rather strange that I'm not getting them, especially in cold weather). 

As for my neck, the generic mystery symptoms were finally thrown into sharp relief following a particular homeopathic treatment last year, and I am now pain-free and feel stronger than I did before."  L.F.